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Terms & Conditions

Reconditioned Hybrid Batteries

  • Complimentary Replacement Warranty: Aloy Hybrid Battery stands behind its reconditioned hybrid batteries, providing a complimentary replacement warranty. This means customers are entitled to a complete replacement at no cost throughout the warranty period.
  • Coverage: The warranty covers all associated costs related to hybrid battery replacement. This includes the replacement battery and covers expenses for delivery and professional installation.
  • Transparent Approach: Aloy Hybrid Battery maintains transparency by offering a straightforward warranty process without deceptive prorated warranties, subscription fees, or hidden charges for warranty replacements.

A) For Non-Fleet Vehicles

Warranty Duration: The warranty for non-fleet vehicles extends for 12 months, giving customers confidence in the product’s quality.

Void Warranty Conditions:

  • Misuse, Abuse, Accidents: The warranty becomes void if the hybrid battery is damaged due to misuse, abuse, or accidents.
  • Unauthorized Accessories, Alteration: Any attachment of unauthorized accessories or alterations to the product will nullify the warranty.
  • Improper Removal or Installation: Incorrect removal or installation procedures will void the warranty.
  • Environmental Factors: The warranty does not cover exposure to harsh weather or chemicals.
  • Maintenance and Operational Issues: The warranty does not cover issues arising from oversized or mismatched tire sizes, lack of proper vehicle maintenance, fuel run-out, transmission failure, engine failure to start conditions, cylinder misfires, or extended storage exceeding 6 months.

Additional Notes:

  • Customer Notification: Customers must inform Aloy Hybrid Battery when placing an order if the vehicle is driven for purposes other than normal commuting and exceeds the national average of 17,000 miles per year.
  • Warranty Sticker: The warranty becomes void if the product is opened or any warranty sticker is tampered with, broken, or missing.
  • Beyond Control: The warranty is null and void if damage results from conditions beyond Aloy Hybrid Battery’s control.

B) For Fleet Vehicles

  • Warranty Duration: Fleet vehicles are covered for the selected 6-month warranty duration and 17,000 total miles per year from the purchase date.
  • Not Applicable to Non-Fleet Vehicles: The warranty specified for fleet vehicles does not apply to non-fleet vehicles.
  • Void Warranty Conditions: (Similar to Non-Fleet Vehicles)
  • Additional Notes: (Similar to Non-Fleet Vehicles)

C) Disclaimer

    • Liability Exclusion: In all instances, Aloy Hybrid Battery expressly states that it shall not be held liable for any incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from the use of its products.
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