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Aloy Hybrid Remanufactured Batteries
Remanufactured Hybrid Batteries
1-year warranty & free mobile installation included
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Hybrid Battery Replacement Service In
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, And Pennsylvania
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Leading Hybrid Batteries Selections
Unveiling Our Most Popular Batteries

Toyota Prius (2004-2009) Hybrid Battery

Lexus CT200h Hybrid Battery (2011-2019)

Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Hybrid Battery

Lexus CT200h Hybrid Battery (2011-2019)

Toyota Prius (2016-2020) Hybrid Battery

Lexus CT200h Hybrid Battery (2011-2019)

Toyota Camry (2012-2017) Hybrid Battery

Lexus CT200h Hybrid Battery (2011-2019)

Toyota Camry (2007-2011) Hybrid Battery


Lexus RX 450H (2016-2019) Hybrid Battery


Toyota Highlander (2011-2013) Hybrid Battery


Toyota Highlander (2014-2018) Hybrid Battery

Empowering Hybrids for Over a Decade

About Us

We’ve been in business for over 10 years and have reconditioned over 10,000 hybrid batteries. We offer a wide variety of batteries for all makes and models of hybrid cars. Our batteries are tested and certified to meet OEM standards, so you can be sure they’re safe and reliable.

We provide our customers with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to brand-new hybrid batteries without compromising on performance or reliability

Evolution of Expertise

Our Commitment, Your Confidence

Empowering hybrid driving with quality remanufactured batteries and expert care. Uniting exceptional performance, affordability, and environmental responsibility for a smoother, sustainable journey.

Quality Batteries

Our remanufactured hybrid batteries are a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We understand that your hybrid vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and longevity depend on a reliable power source, and that’s exactly what our remanufactured batteries deliver.

Local Hybrid Battery Experts

Aloy Hybrid Battery means choosing a local partner that understands the unique demands of hybrid vehicles in the vibrant streets of the tri-state area. Experience the convenience of a local partner who truly cares about keeping you on the road with reliable, eco-conscious power solutions.

Mobile Installation

We proudly offer our Mobile  Installation service exclusively for the tri-state area. No need to stress about fitting a battery replacement into your busy schedule or dealing with the hassle of towing your vehicle to a shop. Our skilled technicians will come directly to your location.

Expert Hybrid Mastery

At Aloy Hybrid Battery, our dedicated journey towards excellence is driven by our exceptional team of experienced professionals. With a wealth of knowledge in hybrid technology and battery systems, our experts bring years of hands-on experience to every project.

Elevating Customer Delight

Customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal – it’s the essential ingredient that flavors every aspect of what we do. From sourcing the finest components for our remanufactured hybrid batteries to providing seamless installations , your satisfaction is our unwavering focus.

Quality Meets Affordability

Our dedication to affordability is as strong as our commitment to quality. We understand that hybrid battery replacements can be a significant investment, and that’s why we’ve made it  to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on excellence.

Unlimited Mileage, 6-Month Warranty for Fleet Services

We also offer a variety of other services, such as

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our reconditioned batteries are designed to last for several years, depending on usage. With proper care and maintenance, many of our customers find they last almost as long as new batteries.

Transparency is crucial to us. The price you see is the price you pay. Any additional services or costs will be discussed upfront.

Our batteries undergo a rigorous multi-step quality assurance process, including individual cell testing, load testing, and thorough inspections to ensure they meet our high standards.

While it’s possible for those with technical expertise, we recommend professional installation to ensure the battery’s optimal performance and safety. We can guide you to trusted mechanics with offer free installation services at selected locations.

Driven by Knowledge

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