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Lexus RX400H (2006-2009) Hybrid Battery


Lexus RX400H Hybrid Battery (2006-2009)


Lexus RX400h (2006-2009) Hybrid Battery

If you want to own a hybrid car, then you must have thought about where to get the batteries from. Installing new hybrid batteries can be highly expensive that might exceed your budget limit. Aloy Hybrid understands this, and so they provide guaranteed quality remanufactured Lexus RX400h hybrid battery that is designed to last for many years and don’t break your budget.

Unlike any other electric vehicle that needs an external source of electric power to recharge an exhausted battery, a Lexus RX400h hybrid battery gets recharged with the electricity generated as the engine operates the vehicle. There is only a need for fuel supply and no electric power source is required to charge a Lexus battery. These batteries are built to last for many years and can be recharged thousands of times when functioning properly. The batteries are also recyclable.

Signs that You Need to Replace Your Old Lexus Battery

If you are a new owner of a hybrid car, you may need to understand the vital signs that your car battery needs attention. A Lexus RX400h hybrid battery  shows different indications than those of conventional car batteries. These signs include:

  • Diminished Fuel Economy

When you’re not getting the gas mileage as expected, your old Lexus battery is likely failing. The main purpose of a Lexus RX400h hybrid battery  is to provide energy to run your vehicle. As the battery starts to go, your car begins to rely on the gas combustion engine as its only power source. When you need to fill up your hybrid car’s fuel tank more frequently, then it’s a sure sign that the battery is dying.

  • The Battery Running Out of Charge Fast

Even when your vehicle is charged overnight and you notice that your car has a low battery in the morning, then it’s an indication that your Lexus RX400h hybrid battery needs an attention of a mechanic.

  • Erratic Charge

Are you noticing a fluctuation in the state of charge of your car battery? The display can also show that your existing Lexus RX400h hybrid battery is completely charged in one moment and extremely low in another. Your car’s battery might be unable to hold a charge or could be overcharging that needs immediate attention whether the battery needs to be replaced or not.

  • The Internal Combustion Engine Operates More than Expected

If your car’s internal combustion system runs more than it should or gives up at unexpected times, then it’s telling something. You need to get your existing Lexus RX400h hybrid battery checked soon.

  • Noisy Engine

When a hybrid car battery gets hot, it gives an alert to the electric fan that it needs to cool down. Running a very hot battery may harm it and also its other parts.

Extending the Life of the Toyota Highlander Battery

The lifespan of your Lexus RX400h hybrid battery  completely depends on your driving habits, the size of the battery, and the weather conditions of the place you drive most often. Even when your battery is functioning optimally doesn’t mean that it is in a sound state. You’ll need to get your battery checked thoroughly often by an expert mechanic to ensure that it is in a good condition. Here are some important tips to prolong the life of a Lexus RX400h hybrid battery.

  • Keep your car indoors away from extreme temperature changes when not using it.
  • It is essential to fasten your Lexus RX400h hybrid battery tightly as the vibrations created when your car moves can displace your battery parts and loosen the connections.
  • Test your battery proactively.
  • Clean the terminals and posts of corrosion using a suitable cleaning product and a wire brush.
  • Using your vehicle regularly is important as an unused Lexus RX400h hybrid battery for a long period of time can diminish its lifespan.

If you’re interested to know more about our Lexus RX400h hybrid battery and other hybrid batteries, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly staff will answer all your queries and help you get on the road expeditiously.


Battery with 6-month unlimited mile warranty


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